What is Space Clearing?

Space clearing is the removal of unwanted stale, stagnant, negative energy from our homes as well as ourselves. 

The majority of us have come to understand that everything and every one is energy.  The only way to get rid of the unwanted energy is to break it up, move it along and replace it with clear, fresh, vital energy.

No matter what name is used, present-day space clearing techniques have their source in  ancient techniques practiced throughout human history.

These forgotten ceremonies that brought vitality to human structures generations ago are once again being used to instill peace and equilibrium in today’s homes and businesses. Many people  are finding that these ancient rituals can be adapted very successfully for modern day use, and most importantly, they are discovering that they work!

Our homes are not just inanimate physical structures. They are receptacles  for vibrating, unseen energy fields. These energy fields respond to  human thought and intention.

When may space clearing be needed?

· After a serious illness or death

· Trauma

· Divorce or serious argument

· Break in or robbery

· Moving into a new place. Apartment or home

· After renting your home for the season. Renting out ones home has become very trendy. Before you move back in I’m sure you go through the process of having it cleaned which is great. But what do you do with the unwanted energy left behind by your renters?

· Trouble selling your home

· Businesses, corporations

Services include with  in  home  visit  or  distance/remote clearing

· Consultation by phone or  Face Time

· You provide a hand drawn outline of the rooms in your home

· Finger mapping

· I will provide a photo of your custom blessing alter specific to your needs for you to hold the space during the distance ceremony 

· Off-site clearing generally takes one hour

Do you feel a sense of peace and serenity when you walk into your home. Do you say Ahhh, I’m home. Or do you get a heavy feeling. It may be stale, stagnant energy. Why not clear that energy away leaving your home feeling clear, crisp and light.