REIKI for people and pets


What is Reiki?

What is reiki? Simply stated, Reiki is a very specific form of energy healing that is said to transfer universal energy to alleviate pain, stress and anxiety. Reiki breaks up blocked, stagnant energy that has accumulated overtime due to trauma, stress, anxiety, sadness, feelings of unworthiness, I’m not good enough. This constant bombardment of negative thoughts takes a toll on us leaving behind chronic pain, illness and dis-ease. 

During my Reiki sessions I will also align your Chakras. Chakras are considered the spiritual energy center of the body of which there are seven that run along the spine, neck and top of the head according to the Chopra Center. They are the invisible wheels of energy that keep us vibrant and healthy.

Whether you decide upon my services or someone else’s it’s important to remember that when we are ready to heal we go looking. I think this means you are ready. 

Distance Reiki services provided

· Please provide a photo of yourself or animal companion