oracle card readings


Oracle vs. Tarot: What's the Difference?

Oracle cards live in the realm of possibilities. Leaving you to use your free will to enact change if so desired. Where in the Tarot it is a fixed system. It specifically lays out for you what is ahead.

I used the Tarot for many years but find Oracle cards to be more fluid. It allows for free will. They are a means to offer uplifting expansive information that can easily be applied to one's life. It gives you, the client the opportunity to be involved in the Divine guidance being offered. In other words, Oracle cards are a divination tool.

If you have had past readings you probably asked a yes or no question. Just think about the expanse of information the Universe has to offer you when you ask a question like this, for example “what do I need to know about ……..(current situation) for my highest good?” This allows the veil to be opened and the realm of possibilities to be revealed. 

Phone readings are available. 

Anything is possible when our intentions are grounded in “the highest good” and that is my intention for you. May the information you receive be for your highest good.

I am truly grateful to be a part of your journey.