Teresa Fretto, RN RMT

Energy healing first came into my  focus in 1974 when I was introduced to it by a practicing RN. This seemed to be the catalyst that instantly drew me into the realm of energy healing which then led me into card reading with the Tarot. 

My background has always been in healing, starting at a very young age when I used to play doctor with my dolls and my pets as my patients. I have been an RN since 1984 with the last 20 years specializing in wound healing.

I received my certification as a Reiki Master Teacher in 2013 in Usui Reiki. In 2019 I was  certified as  an  Elemental  Space  Clearer  with Denise Lin, Elemental Space Clearing   and  certified as  an  Oracle  Card  Reader  through  Hay  House.  I  have  also  participated  in  classes  with  Sandra Ingerman, Shamanic Teacher and Alberto Villoldo, Sacred Ceremonies.

Healing lies in the stillness, stillness lives in the heart. Once realized we can open the heart to the energy that heals.

My belief is that as energy healers we are not the “healers” but the vessel through which healing energy flows.

I am not a purest, but combine my skills as a  Reiki practitioner, intuitive, Empath, energy healer and space clearer to move energy that when allowed to remain “stuck” causes illness and dis-ease. 

As energy healers I believe we all have a responsibility to incorporate into our healing sessions and share with our clients the importance of mindfulness and gratitude.

It is with immense gratitude that I am on this path.